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Resurfaced by KKKommander Aija from the Vault of Ancient a song (Presumably Black Metal) I wrote I thought I share with you guys.
Maybe you can share your own as well!

Apple rotten inside

All hope is destroyed,
my mind is empty.
My soul turns black
into an eternal frenzy.

My webcam broke
during a fierce battle.
Now the whole machine returns
to the altar of Apple.

The maggots of MAC
reassemble the hardware.
The sacrifice of gold,
not the only nightmare.

An inbred demon,
pure evil the Mac store,
using its unholy powers
to weaken my core.

The computer returns
after weeks of sorrow.
I crush the package
like there's no tommorow.

Now I realize
that my battlestation
is not in the state
of my imagination.

I'm now off worse
then I was before.
The MAC zealots
have sacked my core.

Total destruction
and frostbitten hate.
Now hellfire
is the Macintosh's fate.

But the curse of Apple
was not in vain.
The sacrifice of gold
will cause eternal pain.

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