"I'M NOT THAT KINDA GUY!" - King George the Floyd


fuck jannies and fuck juice

My gommunist many fisto

After intense discussion with my life partners poodle during which fluffles consensually mounted my leg. I have come to a firm determination to over throw the oppressors of Walgreens after they have repeatedly refused to provide strawberry ky jelly to the oppressed proletariat, in the form of myself. I have repeatedly and shrilly informed them at length about my needs but they insist on only stocking blueberry or pineapple and both trigger my allergies. This is clear oppression since i have a right to enjoy butt secs in the flavour of my choice.
In addition, Walgreens have consistently refused to use my proper pronouns even though i supplied them with a complete & detailed list on both sides of a laminated A4 sheet.
The store manager is a nazee because hes white & bald.
I have informed Walgreens HR department but they are basically Trump supporters which are basically fascists, basically.

My list of demands:

1.Redistribution of strawberry ky to the proletariat.
2.The abolishment of all lines at Starbucks.
3.Avocado toast must be provided in all safety rooms.
4.Absolute equality for all, especially on the subject of cleaning up poodle shit.
5.Mandatory soy enemas.
6.The complete dismantling of the patriarchy.

If these demands are not met by Monday i will have no choice but to begin the glorious revolution beginning with Walgreens. My life partner fully supports my decision and promises to try and go on without me.
Good bye gommrades, gommunizm wiil wine!


fuck jannies and fuck juice



Unfortunately, i was unable to put my plans for glorious revolution into action and overthrow the oppressors.

I have just returned from an extended period of incarceration at the behest of the FASCIST at Walgreens under what they claimed was 'mental health issues'.
After having informed Walgreens HR of my LEGITIMATE GRIEVANCE in writing i was summarily arrested by the FASCIST PIG ENFORCERS who arrived at my moms house the next morning and used EXCESSIVE FORCE to violently remove me from the basement and put me in the back of their patrol car even though i loudly and repeatedly informed them that i did not consent. I am quite large and they used a lot of force to get me through the door and i will amend my list of demands to include wider doors on all vehicles to prevent fat shaming and chafing. They also emotionally abused Fluffles who as a good gommunist was only showing solidarity by barking and jumping up and down. I am only glad that my life partner had been staying with Tyrone for the last 2 years or zir would probably have suffered a fatal panic attack. They also unpersoned me throughout this entire ordeal by never using my pronouns and refused visiting rights to Fluffles, my mom and my life partner who i can only assume were desperately concerned by my imprisonment. This horrific treatment continued throughout my incarceration, during which i was FORCIBLY MEDICATED and probably sexually abused while unconscious #metoo,

I am considering taking legal action and expect compensation since I was basically put in a NAZI PRISON CAMP AND TORTURED for demanding my rights!
My therapist says my medication needs adjusting but will medication stop INJUSTICE?

After all this I still don’t have enough KY in the correct flavour and have to get my mom to drive four hours to the nearest supplier because i refuse to buy from Amazon because Jeff Bezos is a skin head. I haven’t enjoyed being penetrated for over a year and am getting increasingly desperate. I have asked Tyrone and zir to ease in but sometimes they cant hear me through the fursuit.

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