2020 US Election Scam - Unraveling Before our Eyes

"I'M NOT THAT KINDA GUY!" - King George the Floyd


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The Backstory
- Regardless of the legitimacy or lethality of Covid-19, it is used to bend election rules and encourage a unprecedented amount of mail in voting
- After a day of kicking out conservative ballot observers and technical malfunctions across the country, The state of GA halted their ballot count between 10-11pm due to a unverifiable "Pipe Burst accident" while President God Emperor Trump was Firmly in the lead.
- Inexplicably and without precedent other Battleground States MI, PA and other states where God Emperor Trump was firmly in the lead, Also shut down for the night, Ordering most staff to go home.
- Despite Publicly announcing they'd be shutting down, They resumed their counts with less staff early in the morning with large trucks of ballots appearing in the middle of the night, handing Biden a narrow lead in most of these states with statistically improbable numbers.
- Biden was handed the election as "The Most Popular President of All time" Without campaigning and endorsing Violent Riots all summer in addition to Draconian measures to "Prevent the spread of Covid"

Statistical Anomalies Plagued the US 2020 election, Such as...
300% voter Turn out in many counties
More voters than eligible citizens in America's Largest Counties
Votes being Swapped from Trump To Biden when fed to Voting Machines
Votes being swapped from Trump to Biden Inexplicably on live TV
Most Trump endorsed and Popular Conservatives win their states by wide margins despite Trump losing them by small Margins
Trump being first president to lose while receiving more votes than he did 2016 and picking up 15% more of the black vote
Only 3-4% of Mail in ballots being rejected despite the mass Influx of Mail in Ballots due to Covid while the historical precedent being 14%
Thousands of Ballots found Shredded in GA and AZ and other states
Almost 100% of Military Votes and in Atlanta, GA go to Biden and Midnight Vote Dumps "counted" after the Halt
Machines tampered with last minute in GA and found to have internet connections in various states
Witness Testimony in Detroit, Atlanta and Pittsburg of ballot counters rescanning stacks of ballots over and over again
Unreasonably high percentage of Ballots sent to Adjudication, where Machines can't read the ballot and the operator chooses Voter's intent
Counties with 100% turn out were still accepting Mail in ballots a week after Polls closed due to changes some cities made due to Covid

Where We Are Now
Head-scratchingly, Arizona in particular was called for Biden on election night with only like 15% of the vote in. The Largest County in AZ that went to Biden (The First Democrat to win the county in 80 years) Is the first to issue a Full Forensic Audit. Maricopa County, AZ was delivered 2 Million Ballots to recount and for the first time, Inspect, and the accompanying Dominion voting machines which oddly enough had their Databases deleted days prior to delivery (Although the IT team in Maricopa has recovered these data bases fully).

Although their Methods and findings have mostly been kept secret while the Audit is recurring (Although streamed live 7 days a week for Full Transparency) The seemingly state operated American press has seen to it to dismiss and criticize their methodology. Delegates from other States Legislatures however have visited the Audit, which they deemed the gold standard upon touring the facility, and are preparing for their own Forensic Audits of the votes.

With The Audit about to Wrap it's Counting portion not much has been made public of their findings, except each Box of Ballots came with a paper inventory of it's contents, and each box has been short ballots in upwards to 5%. 5% may seem insignificant, but if every box has indeed been short in upwards of 5%, that is 100,000 Ballots Missing and Unaccounted for in a state Biden only "Won" by 10,000 votes. These shortages have yet to be explained, nor has the Dominion machines having their databases deleted days before delivery been explained.

As the AZ Audit winds down and switches solely into Forensics, We may find out more in the coming week and even more in the next month as Forensics continue.

Hopefully based on their findings, we can continue these Audits around the country and usher in the rightful return.... of.... HIM.



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:hmtrump:sad, very sad.

Today was projected counting end date for the AZ Audit. Not sure if that also brings an end to the foresnsic portion my guess that will go a bit longer and we can probably expect to hear some results soon.

Also despite the media bashing their process even tho they haven't visited, like a dozen states have sent delegations to observe their process to start their own audits. But in terms of numbers we are waiting on official press release or statement of some kind besides whats already been relayed.
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Most popular president ever guuuuuys! Also wtf is up with his heavy breathing into the microphone? Creepy and gross AF. :aoc:


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Putin said of the January 6th riots, "Don't Blame the Mirror if You're Ugly"


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I know it's Shapiro but fast forward to 3:30, I can't find the clip anywhere else. :biden:



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"You got these G7 Leaders and They looked like they just beamed down"


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Wow, we can import a bunch of drug running Mexicans but tell anti-communist Cubans to pound sand. Un-fucking real.

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