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"I'M NOT THAT KINDA GUY!" - King George the Floyd
  1. CMCW

    Anti-Virus Creator John McAfee Gets Suicided in Prison

    John McAfee gets suicided in Spanish prison while awaiting extradition to the US. He has posted in the past that Epstein did not kill himself and if he was ever found dead of "Suicide" while in prison that is shouldn't be believed as he would not kill himself and even said he was still happy and...
  2. CMCW

    CMCW's Comic Thread

    I had a couple animations but my youtube channel went down and i'm just tired of moving videos around.
  3. CMCW

    I have stopped going to Until they get new admin and mods (They really suck the poop out of your anus)

    :hyde2:It's not funny cause i love GG but it also is funny cause it's a Road Pavement thread. Panic! Panic!
  4. CMCW

    2020 US Election Scam - Unraveling Before our Eyes

    "You got these G7 Leaders and They looked like they just beamed down"
  5. CMCW

    General Music

    @ReallyJess Your Turn :hm:
  6. CMCW

    The Rape of Britain 🇬🇧

    lol that one dudes lightning tattoo and the MMA Guy's Cauliflower ear :hm:
  7. CMCW

    2020 US Election Scam - Unraveling Before our Eyes

    Putin said of the January 6th riots, "Don't Blame the Mirror if You're Ugly"
  8. CMCW

    RobotGoys Artworks

    The Camel is a pretty good addition, I think you need something to glue these together, What about drawing a man in the background who prefers the Camel and some tears in the ladies eyes? :hm:
  9. CMCW

    I give homeless people batons so they do not get raped as frequently

    Road Pavement coming to town making sure homeless don't get raped as frequently.
  10. CMCW

    2020 US Election Scam - Unraveling Before our Eyes

    :hmtrump:sad, very sad. Today was projected counting end date for the AZ Audit. Not sure if that also brings an end to the foresnsic portion my guess that will go a bit longer and we can probably expect to hear some results soon. @33A3 Also despite the media bashing their process even tho...
  11. CMCW

    CMCW's Comic Thread

  12. CMCW

    CMCW's Comic Thread

  13. CMCW

    CMCW's Comic Thread

  14. CMCW

    CMCW's Comic Thread

    Here's an old one to kick off :hm:
  15. CMCW

    2020 US Election Scam - Unraveling Before our Eyes

    The Backstory - Regardless of the legitimacy or lethality of Covid-19, it is used to bend election rules and encourage a unprecedented amount of mail in voting - After a day of kicking out conservative ballot observers and technical malfunctions across the country, The state of GA halted their...
  16. CMCW


    :hm: This is the correct spirit and good first submission, Next time a tad more arm hair okay?
  17. CMCW

    Smiley Submission Thread

    I did a couple Shapiros :dab: :dabright: :shapiro: @ReallyJess :jim:
  18. CMCW

    Smiley Submission Thread

    @ReallyJess :toast:
  19. CMCW

    Smiley Submission Thread


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